Our History

The Florida State University Center for the Advancement of Human Rights is an interdisciplinary endeavor established in 2000. Created by funds from an anonymous donor, the Center has the mandate of facilitating the development of human rights-related courses throughout the university, of establishing human rights field placements for FSU students, and of supporting non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) throughout the world that engage in human rights work.

Utilizing the services of FSU law students, CAHR also continues to litigate legal cases pro bono for trafficking victims, asylum-seekers, abused immigrant women, and survivors of torture around the United States.

In collaboration with the FSU Film School, CAHR has worked on a number of human rights film projects. Fields of Mudan examined the sex trafficking of children in the United States, and was nominated for an Academy Award. Breaking the Silence looks at the stories of survivors of torture from around the world. Fighting for Life in the Death Belt which is a documentary produced by FSU Film School graduates and examines the death penalty in the United States. And, Eyes That Don’t See, Hearts That Don’t Feel is being produced by FSU Communications School Professors and examines the issues faced by asylum seekers and survivors of torture who immigrate to the United States.