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Field Placements

CAHR sent out its first student interns in the summer of 2001. Since that time, its field placements have expanded every year, both throughout the United States and abroad. The Center now provides funding for numerous annual placements, many of them in partnership with FSU Schools and Departments. Through its internship program the Center seeks to not only provide substantive human rights experiences to FSU students but to also directly support the work of human rights NGOs around the world.


Law School Placements

Under the sponsorship of the Center, FSU law students serve annually in the Human Rights Section of the International Bar Association ("IBA") in London, on UN War Crimes Tribunals, with the UN Development Program ("UNDP"), and at the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center ("FIAC") in Miami.

  • FSU law students have also pursued human rights work in Uganda, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Cambodia, the U.K., Nepal, and Lebanon.

Social Work School Placements

In partnership with the FSU International Social Work Program, the Center annually sponsors students to serve in refugee centers in Spain, in AIDs treatment centers in London and South Africa, in torture treatment centers in the United States, and in domestic violence shelters in a variety of locations around the world.

Modern Language School Placements

In partnership with the FSU Modern Language School, the Center has pioneered a series of summer placements that allow FSU students to combine intensive language studies abroad with placements with local human rights groups.

  • With Center funding, FSU language students study Arabic in Lebanon and work with local women's human rights groups.
  • A student selected by the FSU Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies pursues intensive French courses every summer in Paris and works with a French organization that assists asylum-seekers.

Art Therapy Department Placements

The Center funds an annual placement in Thailand through the FSU Art Therapy Department. Every summer, two FSU graduate Art Therapy students work at a home outside Bangkok for child victims of sex trafficking and sexual abuse.