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Honors Certificate Program in Human Rights Leadership

The Honors Certificate:
CAHR offers FSU Honors students the opportunity to earn an Honors Certificate in Human Rights Leadership. This program makes it possible for Honors students to enhance their degree work in their chosen field by studying in an additional interdisciplinary field (human rights) that is of crucial importance in the contemporary world. While not a diploma or a degree in its own right, the Honors Certificate in Human Rights Leadership is rather a specially crafted enhancement to other FSU degrees.

Program of Studies:
The certificate requires a total of fifteen credits, i.e., five three-credit courses. Two of these courses must be:

(1) The Freshman Honors Human Rights Seminar (Human Rights and Crimes Against Humanity, HUM 2937/ISS 2937) and
(2) an individual capstone senior DIS in Human Rights. The other three courses are electives selected by the student from the larger body of human rights courses offered at FSU. Courses are not limited to those listed as part of the Interdisciplinary Human Rights Curriculum, but require the approval of the Center’s Executive Director.

All credit hours for the certificate program must be earned at FSU, whether on its main campus in Tallahassee or one of its satellite campuses or programs in the United States or abroad. Because this is an Honors certificate program, all courses leading to the award of the certificate must be passed with a grade of B or better, and the student’s GPA within the certificate program must be at least a 3.3.

Admission Procedures:
To be admitted into the certificate program, students must be members in good standing of the University’s Honors Program. Students must also submit a written application during the semester that they are enrolled in the freshman Honors Human Rights Seminar.

There is no special form. The application requires a written statement in the form of a letter that details:
• The nature of the student’s interest in human rights as part of his or her baccalaureate career and post baccalaureate career goals
• The student’s specific aims regarding human rights education
• A projected set of courses for achieving these aims

Completed applications should be submitted to the Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, 426 West Jefferson St., Tallahassee FL 32301.

For more information on this program, contact Professor Terry Coonan at tcoonan@admin.fsu.edu. See also the Honors Certificate webpage at http://honors.fsu.edu/human_rights.html.